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What we do

Frontema has been active in the media world for years. This has given us a wide range of services that we can provide to our customers. Including, but not limited to: 


We have the means to digitize your old tape formats and make digital copies of your old films.

Film Restoration

With our state-of-the-art equipment we have the means to make your old, worn out films look as new.

Digital Asset Management

Frontema is specialized in handling of professional film assets. We coordinate and secure the availability of your organization’s film and image assets.


Years of experience have brought us good knowledge about immaterial rights. We have perfected our workflow and know how to acquire and organize metadata and copyright information.


A few exaples of what we've achived


Compilation of films

The Castle Tour

Digital Restoration

Stockholm Exhibition 1944

Digital Restoration

Volvo on land, at sea, in the air

Digital Restoration

Volvo 75

Digital Restoration

Volvo FH Introduction

Digital Restoration


Technical Language


This is Frontema

  • 2006

    The beginning

    Frontema was founded 2006 but have a long history of handling assets from the marketing and PR business going all back to the 1980s. 

  • 2006-2016

    Time goes by

    We grew, both in staff, responsibility and office space. Our collaboration with our customers deepens and they intrusted us with running a helpdesk for one of their IT-systems and we consult on how to develop the system.  

  • 2016

    Our new inquiry

    This year we branched out into a new business area, film restoration. We
    invested in new equipment and trained our staff in the different restoration techniques. This have led to a number of new projects and clients.

  • 2019-

    New adventures

    After doing some smaller editing projects for our customers throughout the years, 2019 we took a big leap into the production market and our first step towards becoming a fully fletched film production company.  

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The faces you will meet when stopping by for a fika

Peters experience

Has worked with film since 1986 and with asset management since 1997. Founded Frontema 2006.

Peter Ohlson


Traveling enthusiast who have been to all the corners of our world. From the high mountains of the Himalayas to the deep jungle of the amazons. From the crowed streets of NYC to the abandoned site of Chernobyl. 

Fatehs experience

24 years of film production experience and has worked as film editor since 2000. Started working as digital colourist 2008 and film restoration 2016.

Fateh Shams

Film restoration

Technical nerd who follows new releases from Silicon Valley, IBC and NAB with equal parts entusiasm and curiosity on how best to use said product. When ever someone at the office needs tech-advise, he will be there to assist.

Patrik experience

A decade of
experience in the media sphere. Searching for challenges and new knowledge to

Patrik Lind

Film/Web editor

Crowned film guru of the office. Can tell you which films are essential viewing, both older films and upcoming releases. Do you have the time he will tell you stories of troubled productions and interesting trivia.  

reading material

A few exaples of what we've achived


Technical Language

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413 28 Gothenburg Sweden
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